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At school there was an annual school disco and I'd be standing in my bedroom wondering what to wear for hours on end. Eventually I'd arrive at a decision that was just the most ridiculous costume you could have ever devised - I think it was probably knitted Christmas jumpers on top of buttoned-up white shirts.

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Audio Bible Questions / Christian podcasts

Listed below are a few examples of Bible Questions answered in audio MP3 format. We are currently in the process of recording all of our answers into MP3 format so they can be listened to and downloaded as podcasts. The podcast images below will allow you to download a list of all the Christian podcasts we have available.

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Examples of audio answers / Christian podcasts available online:

What is the way of salvation?

What does it mean to accept Jesus as your personal Savior?

Does God exist?

Who is Jesus?

Is Jesus God? Did Jesus ever claim to be God?

Once saved always saved? / Is eternal security biblical?

Is the Bible truly God's Word?

Does the Bible contain errors, contradictions, or discrepancies?

What are the signs of the end times?

How can I know God's will for my life?

Why should I not commit suicide?

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